Parallax Center, Inc.

Referring a Patient?

Thank you for considering us as you refer your patient for outpatient services! We can work with most individual’s insurance; unfortunately, we cannot work with 1199 and Medicare insurance. Our Admissions Department will provide the cost of services, by phone, before their first appointment.

For Outpatient Detoxification Services

To arrange outpatient detox services for someone, please contact us at 212-779-9207. We highly recommend calling us while the individual is present. We recognize the urgency of this situation and will conduct a phone screening together with them to assess the required level of care. If our program appears suitable, we will promptly schedule an in-person evaluation with our experienced clinical and medical teams.

For Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

To expedite the process, we kindly request that you provide us with the following documents: Face Sheet, Medications List, BioPsychosocial, Medical Evaluation, signed HIPAA consent, and Discharge plan (if available, even a partial version would be accepted if possible). You can conveniently send these documents to us via fax at 646-786-4128 or by email at [email protected].

Once you have sent the documents, please reach out to us at 212-779-9207 to arrange a convenient time for the patient to undergo a phone screening with our dedicated Admissions Coordinator. Depending on the time of your call and the patient's discharge date, we can typically schedule the screening for later the same day or within the following business day.

Our dedicated Admissions Coordinator will contact you at the provided number to connect with both you and the patient, conducting the phone screening to assess their level of care requirements. If our program aligns with the patient's needs, we will proceed to schedule their in-person evaluation appointment. The final decision regarding admission into the program will be determined during this evaluation. Before departing, admitted patients will receive their personalized treatment schedule, while all patients, regardless of admission, will have access to a range of community referrals upon request.


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