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Over 30 years ago, we recognized the importance of learning how to navigate one's living environment without substance use for successful early recovery. Our outpatient detoxification program provides this crucial opportunity, offering a safe, highly comfortable, and successful treatment experience.

How It Works

Every patient undergoes a comprehensive medical assessment to determine their suitability for treatment. Our detoxification program covers various substances, including:

  • Alcohol
  • Opioids (such as heroin, methadone, buprenorphine, oxycontin, and fentanyl)
  • Benzodiazepines (like diazepam and Xanax)
  • Any combination of the above substances

In addition, we have experience providing treatment and support to those seeking help with substances that stimulate the nervous system, including:

  • Crystal meth and prescription and non-prescription stimulants like Adderall
  • Hallucinogens such as ecstasy, MDMA, LSD/acid, and ketamine
  • Inhalants like poppers and whippits

Our program utilizes specific medication protocols for each substance, strategically addressing transitional symptoms and fostering body stabilization.

Innovative Protocol for Meeting Your Treatment Goals

At the Parallax Center, we have developed a unique approach to support individuals in their journey toward recovery, tailored explicitly to opioid dependence. Our protocol focuses on a medication-free strategy, ensuring complete recovery from opioids, including buprenorphine or methadone. Instead, we utilize Vivitrol, an opioid receptor blocker that aids in restoring normal brain function, promoting healing of the opioid-affected nervous system. Patients who have completed the Parallax Center opioid detoxification program report remarkable improvements in energy, optimism, and a renewed ability to engage fully in the next stages of recovery, both mentally and emotionally. We invite you to visit our publications page to explore our methods and our published results.

Comprehensive Medical Assistance

In preparation for completing the detoxification protocol, our staff collaborates with patients to create a personalized discharge plan. The designed method aims to facilitate a seamless transition into long-term treatment, promoting the achievement of your treatment goals and stability. Should the discharge plan involve receiving continuing care services at the Parallax Center, the transition is seamless. We strive to ensure immediate and uninterrupted access to our dedicated medical and counseling staff.


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